Healing sessions

These take place with the client lying fully-clothed on a massage table while the therapist places their hands in a sequence of positions on the body.

It is a relaxing experience and sensations can vary from feelings of warmth and peace to rumblings in the stomach.  The process of healing causes energy to move in a way which allows for more balance – and health – in the body and mind. The Reiki therapist acts as a conduit for the healing energy. However, the inner intelligence – some may call “spirit”- of the  person receiving healing will determine how much energy is drawn and where it goes. It will always go first to the area of greatest need. 

The number of sessions needed depends on the nature of the presenting need. Longstanding issues may require a number of treatments whereas one or two sessions are often effective in bringing balance and renewed vigour to a tired or stressed person.

If the issue is of a longstanding nature it is recommended initially to come for three sessions in a row to allow the healing process to work deeply. Thereafter, depending on how things proceed, once every two weeks or once a month may be the best option until the issue is resolved.

Some of the issues that can be helped by healing:

Pain      Illnesses   Migraines   ME   MS   Chronic Fatigue    Skin issues   Cancer   Immune system deficiency  Thyroid imbalances   Stomach imbalances    Menstrual imbalances   Prostate issues     Backache    


Reiki, Jikiden Reiki, Karuna Reiki £45 for 60-70 minutes.  Distance healing sessions cost £40 and last 60 minutes.

£90 for 3 pre-booked sessions for any of the three therapies. 

£10 reduction for children (up to and including age 14), people age 65 and over, students (on production of card), disabled and unwaged.