Spiritual Healing

Healing can be seen as regaining balance of body, mind and emotions. Spiritual Healing is a flow of beneficial energy between the practitioner and recipient which deals with disease at its deepest level and frees your natural resources to work in the most effective way for you.

How does it work?
When our energy is unbalanced or depleted (resulting in illness or stress) the healer acts as a gentle set of jump leads and the energy is then drawn to where it is most needed.

For this reason, I do not need to know your problem for healing to take place, but you are free to talk about it if you wish.

The healing session.

You  sit on a chair (or lie on a massage table, if preferred) whilst I administer healing. This involves my holding my hands in various positions around the body, from head to toe –  close to but not touching the body. The session will last from 40-50  minutes at the end of which I will lay my hands on your shoulders to signal the end of the session.

After the first session

One session may be enough to “boost your batteries” or, if you have a health or emotional issue a number of sessions will be a better option to bring balance and energy to your system.

Health  and well-being issues that respond to Spiritual Healing.

Any health challenge can be helped by healing – from feeling a bit tired or depressed to asthma, body pain, menstrual or hormonal challenges, organ malfunctioning, cancer, heart disease.

Spiritual healing is officially listed as a therapy within the National Health Service. Doctors are permitted by the General Medical Council to refer their patients for spiritual healing, healers can work alongside doctors in hospitals and surgeries, and healers may attend hospital patients who request their services.