Let your inner light shine

Prepare to release that which you no longer need and become a truer version of yourself

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Transformation Mentorship -
Break Free from Yourself

If you are a motivated change-seeker, we offer a free monthly workshop where attendees get to experience a unique transformation, allowing them to step into their own authenticity.

We offer powerful energy healing sessions for clients interested in experiencing energetic alignment, releasing what they no longer need, and experiencing inner connection.

For motivated change-seekers ready to live life authentically and on their own terms by releasing insecurities using a personalized, holistic, and data-guided approach.

What are we all about?

Our focus is to help you let your inner light shine. We are all light beings who incarnated to help make this world a better place. Yet, in the process, we have forgotten our true creator identity. We have forgotten that we are light, and that is where I come in! To gently remind you of who you are.

Release that which you no longer need

We have all been there.

Feeling lost, confused, and exhausted.

But just because you are feeling like that right now does not mean it will be true in the future!

Now is the time to prioritize yourself!

It is time to release those blockages holding you back so that you can move forward and be your best self!

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My reiki remote sessions with Metztli were absolutely amazing. I felt relaxed, supported, energized, and refreshed throughout the whole process. Metztli is very professional and knowledgeable with a kind and compassionate energy. I highly recommend!!

- Emma Clark



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