For my fellow spiritual entrepreneurs

You have such beautiful gifts to share with the world,

so protect yourself legally.

When I stated Reiki and Healing LLC, I wanted to make sure that I was setting myself up for success by ensuring that I was following the law. I looked for an attorney who could understand my vision and my business, and here is where I found Lisa Fraley, JD - a holistic lawyer!

I connected with her team, and had a wonderful experience with her and her team. Lisa is a Health Coach and an attorney with experience in healthcare law. She is super sweet, understanding, and intuitive.

She also makes it easy!

She created several affordable masterclasses to better inform you on good parameters to follow for your business, and she also has various templates for things like Client Agreements (she has a specific one for energy practitioners), Website Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, and a GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy. These documents are explained in-depth, in simple language for you and your clients.

Below are some of of her products that I have used!


how not to make medical claims - and what to do instead

In this class you’ll receive straight-to-the-point legal information shared in plain English (with Legal Love!) which you can access 24/7.

This Master Class will help you know what to say to promote your programs aimed at keeping people healthy and well without getting yourself into hot water.

You’ll learn:

  • how not to cross the line into making medical claims on your website, enewsletters or social media.

  • what’s considered a “medical claim” and “disease claim” – and what to do and say instead

  • how to reduce your risk of being accused of practicing medicine without a license

Learn more HERE.

DIY Templates

Client Agreement

When you are an Energy Practitioner, it’s important to have a legally enforceable contract between you and your client. It’s designed for working with clients 1-on-1 as an Energy Practitioner to spell out what happens when clients don’t pay, miss calls, or ask for refunds. It includes expectations about working with you, whether through hands-on touch or hands-off services. Get your DIY Client Agreement (for use by energy practitioners) HERE.

In full disclosure, I’m on the Legal Love™ Team for Lisa because I know the quality of her work first-hand and I am proud to recommend these DIY products.