Disclosure Statement

As Required Under SB-215 for

Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioners in Colorado

1. Reiki and Healing LLC

2. 1607 S. Hover St., Suite E #632, Longmont, CO 80501

As a Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioner, I am not licensed, certified or registered by the state of Colorado as a healthcare professional. I am not a licensed medical physician and do not diagnose, treat or prescribe remedies for the treatment of disease. The services I perform, whether in person, by mail or by phone, are at all times restricted to complementary and alternative health care services intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of general well-being. I am prohibited from performing surgery or any invasive procedure, administer or prescribe x-ray radiation, prescribe prescription drugs, use general or spinal anesthetics, administer ionizing radioactive substances, use a laser device that punctures the skin, perform enemas/colonics unless board certified, practice midwifery, practice psychotherapy, perform spinal manipulation, practice optometry, directly administer medical protocols to a pregnant woman or a person who has cancer, practice dentistry, set fractures, practice massage therapy, provide a conventional medical disease diagnosis or recommend the discontinuation of a course of care recommended by a healthcare professional. I am also prohibited from treating children less than two years of age. In order to treat a child who is between 2-8 years of age, I must have a written, signed consent of the child’s parent or legal guardian:

The services I, Metztli Ruiz Jaquez, provide are as follows: Reiki Treatments, Mindset Coaching

My professional degrees, training, experience, credentials and qualifications are as follows:

Bachelor of the Arts in Neuroscience from Dartmouth College 2017.

Reiki: I took Usui Reiki Level I, Level II, Master and Teacher Level courses with Lisa Powers. I have been practicing reiki since July 2020.

Physical Body Intuition: Self-taught through Tina Zion’s Developmental Course books: Become a Medical Intuitive, 2nd Edition and Advanced Medical Intuition.

Hypnosis: I took Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique course Level 1 and Candace Crawford-Goldman’s Beyond Quantum Healing courses.


I am a member of the International Reiki Organization (https://reikiassociation.com/).


I carry liability insurance applicable to any injury caused by an act or omission in providing complementary and alternative health care services.

Last Updated: 12/19/2023