Reiki Sessions


Prioritize yourself and experience first-hand the wonderful benefits of Reiki.

Individual Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions are offered for a 30-, 60-, and 90-minute duration. Each session includes 5 minutes of a brief introduction and 5-10 minutes of findings discussion at the end.

Reiki helps to relax, destress, and potentially heal from ailments.

Starting from $60

Pet Reiki Sessions

Would you like to offer your pet the gift of a reiki session? We are happy to provide remote or distance reiki sessions for your pet. This helps them Relax and potentially heal from medical conditions.

It is also very helpful for end of life care for pets. Reiki is known to help ease transitions.

Starting from $50

a woman using a laptop
a woman using a laptop

Reiki for Businesses

Are you starting a new business? Are you going through a difficult business decision or a major business deal? Schedule a reiki session for your business to remove any energetic blockages your business may be experiencing and help attract abundance and success. Reiki sessions for businesses are 60 minutes long and are done remotely.

Note: Consent from all owners or partners is necessary to do a reiki session for your business.

Starting from $300

assorted-color lear hanging decor
assorted-color lear hanging decor

Reiki for Life Events

Would you like us to send reiki to a special event you have coming up? It can be a job interview, first day at a new job, for a vacation, purchase/sale of a car/home, or any event that you would like additional support on.

All we need from you is openness to receive reiki and your intention for the reiki. Intention is powerful, for it provides a blueprint for reiki.

Starting from $10