be decisive | trust yourself | stop seeking external validation

Are you exhausted and sick of constantly battling the shadow of imposter syndrome- that hypercritical voice trying to convince you that you are not good enough? Every morning, the weight of overwhelm drags you down as you strive to balance your life with self-care and all the shoulds and shouldn'ts. Your self-worth is tied to external validation. Depression and anxiety persist, holding you back, meanwhile deep inside, you yearn for something more meaningful.

This does not need to be your reality anymore. Step into the happy, purpose-filled life you are meant to live.


woman in brown floral dress standing and smiling
woman in brown floral dress standing and smiling

Hey there!

I'm Metztli.

I've faced those same doubts, and I understand your pain all too well. That's why I'm here, ready to accompany you on this transformative journey.

As an energy healer, researcher, and mindset coach, I help motivated change-seekers to live life authentically and on their own terms using a data-guided holistic approach.

Today, I finally feel confident and comfortable with myself. My emotions no longer rule my life. But before, I was in a very dark place plagued by depression and anxiety dominated my life. I felt like a failure. Like I did not belong anywhere. No number of achievements would ever make me good enough.

Fortunately, I learned various holistic techniques that helped me break free from that place, and now, I help my clients achieve what initially feels like an unattainable dream.

"I want to take the time to emphasize how helpful and skilled Metztli is. I’ve been doing the program with Metztli for a month now and have seen significant changes in my mindset and my life. We’ve worked through a number of limiting beliefs which has shaped my outlook on life for the better. With this new outlook I feel more confident, powerful, and lively. Also the introspection that has come from the program is second to none. I’m truly awed and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. I highly recommend Metztli to anyone who is open minded and on a journey to become their personal best."

- Gilberto Acevedo

Unleash Your Inner Light Program

A 13-session program designed for motivated change-seekers ready to live life authentically and on their own terms by releasing insecurities. Watch the free training below to finally identify the root cause of your distress then book a call with Metztli to confront those challenges head-on, unlocking your true inner brilliance and aligning your life with your deepest desires.

what you will gain from this program


Our most comprehensive program will leave you feeling like a brand new person! You will have more confidence, a clearer path, and greater sense of self.


  • May cultivate self-love and self-respect

  • May tame emotional turmoil

  • May reduce negative self-talk

  • May improve self-esteem

  • May achieve energetic balance

  • May eliminate untrue beliefs about money



  • May clear blockages that are keeping you stuck

  • May gain life clarity

  • May bring your confidence to light

  • May find a sense of calm amidst the chaos

  • May end self-sabotage

  • May eliminate procrastination

  • May remove resistance 

  • May reduce stress and overwhelm

”My experience working with Metztli has been nothing short of amazing. After just a month of her program, I’ve already noticed changes in my behavior and life. I’m taking more initiative, starting tasks solo instead of waiting on others’ guidance. I’ve gotten better at asserting myself and trusting my gut. And I’m showing myself more compassion and kindness. Metztli is incredibly perceptive, skilled, and knowledgeable - and her program is invaluable for anyone looking to transform their lives and maximize their true potential.”

- Gina D'Andrea-Penna

Program Details

(1) Initial Consultation (90-minutes)

(2-4) Three Pattern Release Reiki Sessions (75-minutes each)

(5) Progress Consultation #1 (90 minutes)

(6-8) Three Pattern Release Reiki Sessions (75-minutes each)

(9) Mid-Point Consultation #2 (90-minutes)

(10-12) Three Pattern Release Reiki Sessions (75-minutes each)

(13) Final Consultation (90-minutes) where we review your goals and intentions, provide follow-up steps, and finish with a reiki session.


  • 2 Pattern Release Sessions as needed

  • Invaluable tools and resources to help you succeed

  • Individualized guided meditations

Timeline: 3-month program that can be completed faster.


Initial Consultation: 

  • We discuss your goals, patterns and sacred journey to empowerment. We also release core blockages causing problems for you and finish with a Reiki session

Progress Consultations:

  • We reevaluate your goals and sacred journey to empowerment, educate you on spiritual connection, followed by pattern release work, and finished with a Reiki session.

Final Consultation:

  • We review your journey, provide follow-up steps, perform pattern release work, and  finish with a Reiki session.

Pattern Release Reiki Sessions: 

  • We clear blockages affecting you and finish with a Reiki session.


If you're like I was, you were probably plagued with financial worries and concerns. I always felt like I had to be doing, doing, doing! And, I felt like I never got anywhere. 

What kept me stuck? Feeling that I was not good enough. Feeling trapped. Feeling as though I had to fit into a socially-constructed mold.

What did this lead to? Procrastination, an unhappy life, constantly berating myself.

Now, I know that no matter what life throws at me, I will be okay. When I go to bed, I am excited for the next day. Everything feels possible and within reach

This can be you, too.

"Working with Metztli has been an absolutely amazing and transformative experience. She is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, educated, and dedicated to improving the lives of her clients. Throughout the whole program, I felt comfortable and seen. Metztli was able to work with me to improve my mindset, and ultimately this directly translated into drastically improving my confidence, self-compassion, productivity, and overall sense of wellbeing in both my work and personal life. I initially felt so burnt out from constant demands from work and school, but working with Metztli to clear limiting beliefs provided me with the space and opportunity to create more rejuvenating time in my life. I not only feel less overwhelmed now, but I also better incorporate work-life balance into my daily routine. I can honestly say this program exceeded my expectations and helped to cultivate a more confident and secure version of myself. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their life!"

- Emma Clark

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magnifying glass
woman sitting on brown rock
woman sitting on brown rock
focus photo of a woman holding sparklers
focus photo of a woman holding sparklers

identify the blockages draining your livelihood

During our call, we'll identify the blockages that are making you feel stuck and inadequate. We will finally give a name to what's been controlling your life.

gain clarity on what you really want

reignite your inner spark

We'll help you identify what you really want. Removing your blockages will help you understand who you really are and expand your horizons of possibility.

See what is really possible! Remember that YOU ARE THE CREATOR! You have the reins of your life-- not other people, not external factors, nor your emotions.


We'll discuss your unique situation and best course of action whether that's working with me or guiding you to relevant resources. No commitment necessary.

Complete the short application below to be directed to my calendar.


You will be directed to our application to book a call after watching your free training!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: This is NOT therapy. We are not licensed psychologists or healthcare professionals. These services use neurolinguistic programming techniques and energy-based healing principles to eliminate limiting beliefs and achieve energetic alignment.

This program works amazing alongside therapy with a licensed therapist, counselor, or psychologist.