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Note: Reiki complements Western medicine but does not substitute it. Always check in with a licensed medical professional for medical conditions.


close-up photo of green leaf
close-up photo of green leaf

Reiki Sessions

Receive universal life force energy in your body to release blockages that no longer serve you and heal that which is ready to be healed.

Reiki is useful for anything that is energetic in nature, which is everything. It can be used for businesses, plants, pets, animals, vehicles, for situations that require support and more! We offer all of these services.

Transformation Mentorship

Eliminate stuck energies from your life then rebalance your energy with reiki to facilitate processing the energetic release. This work is slightly different from reiki because it is in the form of a transformational program.

We assess your goals and help place you in the position where you can manifest the life of your dreams. We do this by identifying your limiting beliefs and neutralizing them so that you no longer have to cope with them. This is truly life-changing work!

Spiritual Guidance

Receive intuition-based spiritual guidance. We can connect with the Akashic Records to provide guidance in life. Often time, this comes in the forms of questions to ask yourself.

Please note that the future is always changing depending on our choices. As a result, any answers provided in these readings are only meant to provide guidance.


Learn how to do reiki on yourself and others! Twice a year, we provide in-person classes to teach you reiki. There are three levels of reiki classes:

Level 1 - Reiki Practitioner
Level 2 - Advanced Reiki Practitioner
Level 3 - Reiki Master and Teacher

Each class is split into two days, for a total of six classes. You are welcome to take each class individually or purchase the entire course.

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green leaves

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