Let's talk about: Intention Setting

We discuss the importance of setting intentions and how to set your intention!

Reiki and Healing

6/8/20231 min read

Many of us are familiar with the importance of goal-setting to achieve tasks or ideals that are of value to us. In essence, having goals and a strategic plan to achieve these goals makes it more possible to accomplish our goals since they serve as a re-direction and as a pathway to get from point A to point B. Yet, not many of us are familiar with the concept of intention-setting.

What does it mean to set an intention, and why is it important? In various energy-based modalities, the first thing you learn is to set an intention for yourself and your client. This is almost like a prayer that you silently intone to yourself and provides you a disposition for the work to be completed. Instead of creating a goal of getting from point A to point B, you are establishing the parameters for yourself in the context of what you are doing, thereby creating focused thought.

Cognitively, this is a helpful way to orient yourself to be aligned with your values and interests. Energetically, you are making a conscious decision on what to focus your energy on and where you want to guide it; what you want your essence to be. By setting and focusing on your intention, you are able to access the energetic realm from a different perspective, and, much like with goals, it makes your intention more tangible and within your control, instead of just leaving it to chance.

Now, how do you set an intention? It's simple!

You can start off by closing your eyes, bringing your hands together, taking a deep breath and just saying, "It is my intention to..." and finish the sentence. It's always recommended to end with the rider, "for my highest good and the highest good of all."

You can set an intention for anything and everything. For example, "It is my intention to have a great day today!" or "It is my intention to have an empowering meeting today."

Hope this was helpful! What is your intention for today?