Our trusted referrals

Below is a list of incredible individuals whom we highly recommend!

Health and Fitness

Nexus Fitness

Meet Gil and Gina. Through their shared passion for personal development, they discovered the transformative power of strength training and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. They experienced firsthand how integrating physical fitness, nutrition, stress management, and mindset coaching could revolutionize their lives, and they became determined to share their newfound knowledge with others.

Tarot Readings & Intuitive Healing

Sailor Tarot Magic

Meet Sally. She is a Tarot Reader & Intuitive Healer. She offers amazing, on-point, and extremely helpful readings!


Sentient Astrology

Meet Lou. She is a phenomenal Astrologer and counselor. She helps people increase self-awareness, learn about new career possibilities, and receive guidance to important life decisions and insights on patterns/habits.

Somatic & Human Design Coaching

Coach Katt

Meet Katt. She empowers her clients to integrate the wisdom from their past trauma and reclaim who they authentically are, so they can change their patterns and create the life of meaning & fulfillment that they desire.

Heart-Centered Web Design

Melanie Raphael

Meet Melanie. She is a fun-loving, intuitive web designer who helps heart-centered entrepreneurs step out of the woo closet without the tech overwhelm.

Self-Care Coaching, Heartbreak Healing, and Lifestyle Creation

The Self-Care Boss

Meet Elmira, also known as "Doctah E." She uses her experience with breakup to help singles learn to love themselves. Her monthly Get Over Your Ex workshop literally gets the emotions moving out of your body. "We dance like crazy and that makes all the difference." She is an international healer who uses all the senses to heal broken hearts.